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As cannon fodder, the female partner saved three big brothers.

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"I used to have a fever in my head, but now I'm sober and you can rest assured." She smiled at Ye Chuifeng: "Your sister is very clever now!" Ye Chuifeng looked at her face and was at a loss for words for a while before he said: "I'm your brother and I want to help you look after your brother-in-law." Ye Ying could not help laughing out loud when he heard him speak awkwardly: "Ha ha ha, all right, respected brother." Just at this time, the special effect of fireworks blossomed in my mind. Y rewards the anchor with ten deep-water torpedoes! The whole special effect lasted for almost a minute before it ended, and the bullet screen was full of crazy brushes: "Local tyrants beg to embrace their thighs!" "Wow, this golden special effect, is this the feeling of being rich?" "The anchor has die-hard fans. Congratulations!" When the special effects were over, Ye Ying couldn't help laughing, and he was even more curious about the Mr. Y in his mind. Mr. Y suddenly popped up a special effect bullet screen: "Your brother is right." Ye Ying was stunned, who would have thought that Mr. Y, who usually did not speak, would speak so directly. Mr. Y added: "Jiang Chao is too young and impulsive to suit you. You are much better than him." Ye Ying took out her cell phone and typed: "Thank you for reminding me, Mr. Y." She thought about it, smiled at the corners of her mouth, typed again, and teased: "Mr. Y is so good at talking that he must be very popular with girls." But Mr. Y did not answer, quiet as if he had dropped the line, only on the overlord list, the golden first place,large inflatable water slide, still exudes a sense of existence. Ye Ying thought that this was a VIP customer, and that he could often communicate with him in the future and maintain the customer relationship, so that there would be more cards to use. After the physical education class, she found that the cards in the mall were really useful, and she wanted to buy more and hoard them. The next morning, Ye Yingzhao often went to school, but he always felt that the atmosphere was a little strange. Around the students are quietly looking at her, and some people point to something,Inflatable outdoor park, but when Ye Ying looks at the past, they all pretend that nothing happened. Ye Ying is no stranger to this situation, but this time it seems different. However Whatever the case, there must be a clue in the school forum. She sat in her seat, took out her cell phone, boarded the school forum, and sure enough, several posts floating on the home page were all related to herself. The first post was "The whole story of school beauty Wu Shanshan being warned by Jiang Chao!!!"! Top secret! With video!!! She clicked in to have a look, and sure enough, it was the scene of Wu Shanshan and Jiang Chao at the stairway entrance yesterday, and it looked quite exciting. Ha ha ha, the school beauty has so many licking dogs, how can she still have to be someone else's licking dog, licking dogs to the end of nothing do not know? To be honest, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable indoor park, after watching this video, I was disillusioned with Wu Shanshan. Even if she didn't order her female best friend to do bad things, I couldn't bear to see her hysterical appearance in front of Jiang Chao. "Confused behavior scene, oneself did is done, why should push oneself bestie to come out?"? Throw the pot on your best friend's head, is this the campus beauty? It is strongly recommended that the school beauty be re-selected! "Yes, it's better to have another school beauty competition now. I'm sure I won't vote for her. She's not decent at all. How can she be regarded as the appearance of our private high in Xiangcheng?" Jiang Chao is so handsome! There is one less rival in love. Congratulations on Wu Shanshan's abdication. Ye Ying took a few random glances, backed out of the page, and looked at the second post. "Exclusive News, Ye Ying, who is very popular recently, is going to audition for a variety show?" In the content of the main building, it is mentioned that Ye Ying is going to audition for a variety show, but the specific variety show has not been revealed, only that it is the new variety show of Qingcheng Entertainment Company. “emmmm…… What is this? She is really not particularly beautiful. At the beginning, she was in the top ten in the school beauty contest, so she could also shoot variety shows? "By the way, is she too popular recently? How can she be everywhere? You can see her by brushing a post. I don't know what she is auditioning for. It must be a very bad variety show, right?" Do you know that many TV stations like to do that kind of local variety show now, and Ye Ying is not going to audition, is she? Ha ha ha ha, imagine the way she looks when she acts, which matches the scene of seven aunts and eight aunts quarreling in the countryside inexplicably! "The latest news!"! The latest news! I heard that poor girl Zhou Xuying is going to audition for that variety show with Ye Ying!!! "Wow, that didn't run away, it must be a local variety show, the kind of broken drama, when the time comes, don't let them dig the ground with a hoe, it's so funny!" "Poor students don't want to go to school well and go to shoot variety shows, hehe.". I thought this transfer student was not a big problem except for poverty, but now it seems to be a big problem! Ye Ying frowned at it. In his mind, Mr. Y suddenly smashed a deep-water torpedo for her, accompanied by two words: "Comfort." Ye Ying raised the corners of his mouth. This Mr. Y is quite interesting. The author has something to say: red bean pudding hot milk tea on the top of the head asks everyone to collect and comment on the nutrient solution, and each person who comments on it has a cup of hot milk tea to warm his hands! Chapter 18 Zhao Lina and Zhao Xindi also saw the news and ran to ask Ye Ying in surprise: My God, are you really going to audition for a variety show? When did this happen? "Which variety show to audition for?"? What subject matter? What content? Why didn't you tell us? Ye Ying did not tell them specifically, with a smile to send away the two curious sisters, turned to Ye Chuifeng also smoothly said a sentence: "This weekend, I'm going to audition." Ye Chuifeng nodded, looking at his book, no other action. Next to the students are whispering, have the courage to ask Ye Ying: Are you really going to audition? What's the role? Can you give me a general idea? Ye Ying all said: "Keep it secret." In the front row, Zhang Qingzhu was collecting his homework when he heard Ye Ying speak, and with a curl at the corners of his mouth, he snorted coldly: "Some people are not good at learning, but the heretical things are one after another. If you have the ability to learn,Inflatable outdoor park, you can dream of being a star again. Otherwise, even if you become a star, you will be laughed at for being uneducated. Ha ha!" 。 joyshineinflatables.com 

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