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Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

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After a bloody battle, everyone's anger has been raised, a hand is killing, but at this time I have long been in Duoduo's help, fully equipped, the hand of the ghost sword black gas ripples, more than doubled, and next to the Shaomao trail such as Maoshan's swordsmanship, there are Ermao, Duoduo together with life and death, where there will be a little hesitation? At that moment, the ghost sword in my hand raised, invincible, and Shaomao trail like two sharp knives, constantly pushing in, once a little bit of Qi deficiency, then returned, this time Ermao was brave, although the guardian spirit from Dongyi killing array was not as fierce as in the array, but a body of rough meat, but also able to block many attacks. On top of this, Duoduo waved his hands, and the evil spirits whistling through the air also fought with her-the evil spirits were the best at playing with ghosts, as could be seen in Haowan Square that day,Gear Reduction Motor, but the dozens of fierce ghosts whistled to Duoduo, but they could not leave any mark on Duoduo, instead, they were controlled by the little devil with a green face. From time to time, the profound secret Dharma is used to dissolve and cross over, and the soul flies away. The battle group kept moving, retreating and advancing. I don't know how many wounds were added to my body. Suddenly, all the people in front of me were empty. A broad-leaf sword waved in front of me. I cut it subconsciously, stretched out a hand out of thin air,Small Geared Motors, grabbed my wrist on the ghost sword, and shouted: "Lu Zuo, it's me. Be careful!" I turned around and saw that it was a big brother in a black Zhongshan suit. At the moment, he also had a sword in his hand. The sword was neither gold nor stone nor jade nor wood. It was not stained with blood. Even in this chaotic battlefield, he was walking leisurely and skillfully. Beside him, there was Zhao Xingrui, who was covered with blood, and seven Big Dipper swords with a degree of advance and retreat. The nine men formed a small millstone of flesh and blood, which crushed the evil believers around them and made them look like nothing. Elder Martial Brother's move to block my attack just now was simply exquisite, which let me know that his cultivation might still be superior to mine. However, he stopped at a touch and did not compete with me. Instead, he asked with concern, "How are you? Are you all right?" I shook my head and said I was fine, but there were two seriously injured people over there. Elder Martial Brother followed my hand and saw Luo Feiyu and Li Tengfei on the stone bridge in the distance. He knew it in his heart. He waved his hand and said, "Xingrui, you come to take over the position of Tianxuan Star. Tail girl, go there and see what you can do!" As soon as this remark was made, 12v High Torque Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, Zhao Xingrui trembled all over and felt refreshed. He raised his sword to salute and obeyed, while Yin Yue broke away from the seven swords and galloped toward the stone bridge in the river. There was a faint voice floating: "Little Shaggy, let your big dog be sensible. Otherwise, sister, I will kick it directly into the water." The battle on the dock was very fierce. Every extra person could have more strength. However, Big Brother did not hesitate to take away Yin Yue, who was in the front of the Seven Swords, to protect the wounded on the other side of the Stone Bridge. To tell the truth, this behavior really moved me and Shaomao Xiaodao. At that moment, he sold his strength even more. He merged with the Southeast Bureau and repeatedly rushed to kill. The battle was fierce, risking their lives, countless people fell, but there are countless people struggling to stand up and continue to rush forward, although the religious Bureau here before the landing of many masters, and even a few old Taoist priests to see the strength, unexpectedly is not worse than a word sword on a few points, but the evil spirit religion here after all still occupies the number and home advantage, after landing, A steady stream of evil spirits came from the town and the peak of evil spirits. These people, who were all crazy believers, sang the doctrines of the cult of evil spirits, sang generous and sad songs, and charged collectively, forcing us to retreat constantly until we were pressed to the lakeside of the wharf. After a fight, the situation on our side was not good. Among the seven swords, Zhao Xingrui, Bai He, Yu Jiayuan and Dong Zhongming were injured one after another. Especially Bai He, his right hand was hit by a skull by an old man who looked very wretched. His whole arm was corroded by Yin Qi and swelled up. He had to change hands with his sword, which was full of flaws. With the passage of time, the Seven Swords had to turn from attack to defense, protecting our two wings, while I, Shaomao Xiaodao and Big Brother took the main direction of attack and pushed forward step by step. After holding on for a while, Shaomao Xiaodao saw that the momentum of the Religious Bureau was not good. After thinking a little, he turned to Big Brother and shouted, "Big Brother, let the Seven Swords protect me!" Big Brother trusted Shaomao Xiaodao's words absolutely. He immediately gave the order. Then he looked around and asked hesitantly, "Can you do it here?" Shaomao Xiaodao lifted the thunder penalty and said confidently: "The power should not be as big as I imagined, but it is enough to save the defeat.". Little poison, call Duoduo back! When I saw Shaomao Xiaodao standing with a sword, I knew in my heart that he was ready to lead the thunder, so I called down the Duoduo who was fighting with those evil spirits in the air and hid them in the locust wood card. As for the little demon, the little fox Meizi didn't know where to go long ago, and he couldn't control much. Shaomao Xiaodao has been watching my side, see Duoduo into the locust wood sign, immediately took a deep breath. He breathed a terrible breath. Standing beside him, I suddenly felt that the air was as thin as that of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Then the man stepped on the steps passed down to Tao Jinhong and muttered: "Sanqing Patriarch is here. Sanmao Patriarch has returned to the world. The amulet orders you to obey Chang Chuan.". Those who dare to disobey, the thunder axe is not allowed. Urgent as the law, pardon! This pithy formula seemed to be read slowly, and every word seemed to stir up the thunder in the nine heavens. When I read the last paragraph, there was a sudden rumbling thunder in the dark sky, and a round mirror-like thunder pool came out of thin air. Many people who were struggling to fight could not help looking up, but saw a force like mountains crossing the space,Low Rpm Electric Motor, which was coming from afar. Forgive! Shaomao Trail rose into the air and pointed the thunder at the place where the crowd was most dense on our left. Dozens of blue electric rays immediately jumped out of the mirror-like thunder pool. The roots were as thick as a child's arms. The snakes were dancing wildly. In an instant, they poured down directly from the blue sky and landed at the place where Shaomao Trail pointed. That scene, it's just-boom! Boom!. ichgearmotor.com 

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