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The day was short and long, and many wonderful things happened. The most exciting thing for everyone was that the Black Emperor yuan Shen was trapped in the refining tripod and was annihilated by ashes. Since the primordial spirit of the Black Emperor has died, the source of the evil is naturally cut off, and although the evil insects in the bodies of the heroes have not yet been eliminated, they are no longer enough to cause trouble. After the black emperor was scared out of his wits, in order to keep his promise, the eldest brother reluctantly took out the "Fuxi tooth" and reborn Chiyou. They put ninety-nine and eighty-one kinds of poisonous herbs and elixirs into the refining tripod, and baked them into "soul soup" with "Samadhi True Fire", "Feiying Ziyan" and "Black Blazing Stone". Then they put the soul beads into Chiyou's Dantian, pierced the "Fuxi Teeth" into Chiyou's vertebra, and then sealed him into the soul soup of the refining tripod to cure him. When Fuxi's tooth pierced Chiyou's vertebra, the pain was like cracking the soul and crushing the bone, and the pain could not be suppressed. He was as brave as Chiyou, but he could not help hissing and roaring. Thousands of demons in his body rushed around like crazy, and the blue light was dazzling. Yan Zisu could not bear to see it, as if the pain had been inflicted on him. By the time Tuo and Ba came back, Chi You had passed the most dangerous moment and was sleeping quietly in the tripod. The evil spirits in his body were absorbed into the "Fuxi teeth" from the meridians of his heart and brain, while his true primordial spirit was diverted into the primordial soul beads. In this way, after six days and seven nights, all the evil spirits and spirits will be separated from Chiyou's divine consciousness, and the seal will be locked into the vertebrae of the divine teeth, which can no longer interfere with his true divine consciousness. When Tuo Ba Ye saw that he was gradually unharmed, he felt great peace in his heart and was very happy. That night, the Kunlun Mountains once again held a banquet to celebrate, but also for the various reinforcements to welcome the wind and wash the dust. Only Kehanhuai, Yanzisu and Lingshan Shiwu did not go to the banquet to take care of the Dragon God and Chiyou. The quicksand fairy has disappeared without a trace. When Wu Silanma saw Tuo Ba Ye, the color of surprise flashed by,Magnetic Drain Plug, but he smiled and did not panic, as if he did not know what had happened today. Tuo Ba Ye and Yu Shi's concubine were angry and amused, but considering the overall situation, in order to unite all the people to fight against the Candle Dragon Alliance, they decided not to expose it for the time being. Kunlun Palace Music Drowning! The dance is graceful, the cup of Dendrobium plays with the string and bamboo, the laughter resonates with the golden bell, the scene of debauchery and the shadows are scattered, which is very lively. Only Kuafu was the most restless and restless in the hall, dancing and shouting,die casting parts, looking around and playing tricks on others, which attracted the attention of the four seats. Tuo Ba Ye had no choice but to say that he would compete with him in wine, and that whoever finished one hundred jars first would be the winner. As soon as Kuafu heard that he was competing with him, he immediately became interested. Without saying a word, he just held a large jar of wine and poured it straight. After one jar was finished, another jar came. His face was red, his stomach was shy, and his eyes were nervously aimed at Tuo Ba Ye. He did not even dare to breathe, for fear of losing to him again carelessly. After three rounds of drinking, everyone was slightly drunk, and they were even more excited when they talked about the anecdotes of previous Peach Fairs. The White Emperor looked around the four seats, sighed with emotion, and said, "The Peach Fair of a hundred years ago was like yesterday, but the young beauty of that time has become today's white head.". It is true that time is like electricity, white clouds and grey dogs. During the banquet, Zhu Rong, Ying Long, Ji Meng, car radiator cap ,die casting parts, and other senior members of all ethnic groups who had experienced the Peach Fair a hundred years ago felt sorry for each other. They felt a little sad. Ji Meng said, "At that time, the most popular thing was the red pine nut!"! Alone, he fought with the world's rain masters and defeated the heroes of the five clans while talking and laughing. Even Emperor Qing was so angry with him that he left in a huff. To this day, all the heroes are invincible and contemptuous of the red pine nuts, and the heroes of the Fire Clan even regard them as legendary heroes of their own clan, so when they hear this, everyone smiles. Red pine nut thought of Nanyang fairy, the pain in the heart. Since she died! That arrogant heart has already been greatly restrained, and the spirit of fighting bravely has been much less. He laughed and said, "The Yangtze River is pushing one wave after another, the Kunlun Glacier is overlapping the glacier, and the red pine nuts have long been old.". Now the temple is full of young heroes, which one is not in the limelight above me in those days? Everyone laughed, eyes swept, Tuo Ba Ye, Ji yuan Xuan, Lieyan, Lieyan Stone. All of them were full of vigor and vitality. They were all dragons and phoenixes for a time. I couldn't help admiring and admiring them secretly. All the articles in the hall were even more charming and compared with each other secretly. Chi Songzi looked askance at Tuo Ba Ye and said with a smile, "Tuo Ba, in particular, didn't make a single move, but he shocked the two-headed ancestor to death. Even the insolent and insufferably arrogant Zhi Guangji was killed by him. He was defeated and died. He was much worse than I was in those days!" The crowd was full of applause. At this Peach Fair, Tuo Ba Ye shined brilliantly and was in the limelight for a while. If he hadn't stepped forward and fought with the Black Emperor to the death, and then broken the Five Elements Ghost Array, the five clans would have been unable to withstand the double attack of the corpse and the ghost soldiers! A thousand miles away! Therefore, for this newly rising legendary youth, all the heroes are convinced. The rain teacher's eyes are gentle, smiling and staring at the lover beside her, and her heart is proud and sweet. "I'm ashamed to say that," said Tuo Ba Ye with a smile. "I was just lucky to win because of the glory of my predecessors." At that moment, he explained how he realized his past life at the bottom of Nanyuan Valley and defeated the two-headed ancestor with "Tianyuan Jue" in a muddle; how he absorbed the True Qi of Bai Di, Chi Songzi, Feng Bo and Yu Shi's concubine by mistake, and inexplicably shocked Yu Qiang and Yu Jing to death; How to return to Nanyuan, encounter Shiyi and Changliu Fairy, and how to fuse the five elements of True Qi with the body of Five Virtues, use Tianyuan Sword to defeat Bai Afei, and break through the Five Elements Ghost Array. There are many strange things in this, which are almost absurd, and involve the past of the past, eight hundred years of love and enmity, which are quite complicated, but from his Frank and eloquent words, orderly and clear context, people can not help but believe it. Guyuankan, Feather Fairy, Bai Afei, Tianyuan Inverse Blade.. All of them were unsolved cases in the Great Wilderness, and everyone heard them soul-stirring, sometimes sad and sometimes happy, sometimes surprised and sometimes sighed. After Tuo Ba Ye finished telling the whole story, all the people were still amazed and sighed. They were even more sad when they thought that a generation of swordsman, Gu yuankan, had been framed by a villain and had been wronged for hundreds of years. The White Emperor sighed, "No wonder that after the Battle of the West Sea, the whereabouts of the Purple Lightning God were also unknown. So that's it!"! Thank you, Prince Tuoba, for clarifying the mystery of eight hundred years for our clan and restoring the clean reputation of our predecessors. Shaohao laughed and said, "Father,socket screw plug, that's not true. Brother Tuoba is the reincarnation of the ancient swordsman. He is also rehabilitating himself. Hey, I felt like old friends with Brother Tuoba at first sight that day. I knew I had a predestined relationship!"! Don't want to be a family, wonderful wonderful! 。 autoparts-dx.com 

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