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Foolish love

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The yuan is also at the end of his tether, courage more rampant, finally simply do not do two endlessly, is ready to go all the way to Wanzhou, plunder the empty city, also can endure the cold winter. But when he went to the unguarded Wanzhou City, he met the great Chu Sima Chu Jinfeng who had been waiting for a long time at the Wanzhou City. Has been restored in the silver-haired he, standing on horseback, face, waving command of the army wiped out the remnants of the yuan, but also personally captured the traitor yuan, completely shovel out the cancer of the northern border. The stratagem, can be said to kill three birds with one stone, both surrounded by Wei to save Zhao wrapped in the desert river city from the flames of war, and eradicated the yuan rebels, more importantly, Chu fu excuse to protect the defenders of the empty city of Wanzhou, justifiably put the Wanzhou into his wings, on the occasion of this battle, Chu strong wind forces further to the southeast expansion, Having mastered the throat of the traffic in Wanzhou, it will be difficult for the Bai family in the court to threaten Mobei with grain and grass! When Chu Jinfeng set the tactics,jujube seed powder, the only worry is the hay, but when Shen Rubai colluded with Liu Zhong, if I'm afraid to stop the cunning Shen Rubai aware of, only abandoned most of the hay, in order to make a quick decision, such as took Wanzhou, also don't worry about hay winter, but this plan is some risk after all. Fortunately,akba boswellic acid, general Zheng later sent a message to say, has solved the hay problem, can continue to delay the stalemate, until the hay in front of the yuan was almost lost, only to surprise the rebels behind the granary, forced the yuan to jump over the wall! When the army started to turn around Mohe city, it had been two months. Originally because of the collapse of the city wall and become shaky people's hearts, now is more and more strong! The people were decorated with lanterns and colored streamers to welcome their Lord Sima back to the city. Not to mention Sima Fu, the steward happily directed the servants to clean up the hall and house door, waiting for Lord Sima to return to the mansion. Madam, the boy who went to the city gate came back and said that Lord Sima's army was ready to leave for the city. Hurry up and return your clothes. Go to the city gate to meet you! Su Xiuyuan was full of joy into the room, thought the lady should have finished washing and changing clothes, but when she entered the room, she saw that the little lady was still sitting firmly on the desk, holding a brush in her hand and concentrating on writing. That font is simply different from the previous lady's ghost charms, saw palmetto extract ,best green coffee bean extract, and the strokes can be called everyone's work. However, the problem of hand trembling did not seem to have been alleviated by the recovery of his wife's mind, and the original big characters of Zhou Zheng became trembling because of the sudden irrepressible trembling. Li Ruoyu slowly put down his pen, reached out to rub the words he had just written into a ball, threw them into the bamboo basket beside him, and continued to prepare to write the next one without raising his head. As soon as Su Xiu saw that the little lady could not be persuaded, she felt a little anxious. She could only say softly, "Count it out. Lord Sima has been away for more than a month. He must miss his wife very much. How disappointed he would be if he didn't see her on the city gate again.." Li Ruoyu interrupted her in a cold tone: "What he misses.." It's not me. Su Xiu couldn't make head or tail of it. Just as she was about to say something, she saw that the little lady had slowly put down the brush in her hand and rubbed her wrist slightly. After a moment of silence, she said, "Wait and change your clothes!" Very not easy to wait until the little lady nodded, Su Xiu hurriedly called out the maid waiting outside the house to bring hot water, waiting on the lady's clean face. Early in the morning, Luanxiang opened the dressing box and quickly mixed Rouge and gouache. Cut a small piece of green sparrow head Dai with a small silver knife, grind it with water, polish it into powder, and then take the crab claw pen to prepare for thrush for a while. The young lady's skin base is good, there is only one more process of smearing base oil and moisturizing cream in winter. After a thin layer of powder, the little face was like a shelled egg, and when it was pressed lightly, it was afraid that the watery skin would be broken. When the eyebrow shape of the distant mountain was slightly painted, the peach blossom cheeks were painted with Dai powder, and the soft lips were dotted with crimson Rouge, the beauty in the bronze mirror really made the little maid wait on her side a little dazed. Su Xiu heart sighed, the little lady is in the best age of the girl's family, take off the green, more charming, also don't blame Sima adult alone spoiled, wish to hold in the mouth. Li Ruoyu's bright and clean forehead became brighter and brighter against the background of her thick hair when she finished combing the slightly inclined upturned bun. She looked at the incense and wore a whole set of gold and jade hairpins on her head. She was slightly frowning, but finally she refrained from saying anything to stop it. When she had changed into a rolled and forged dress with a large array of broken jade embossing inlaid with rabbit hair piping, if she ignored the little light in her eyes, at first glance, it seemed that she was still as charming as she had been a few months ago. Wait until the hands and feet quickly for the lady to dress up after finishing, this just helped the little lady wearing a big cloak into the carriage, all the way to the city gate. At this time on both sides of the street gathered a crowd, is really hilarious, I heard that many rich squires of Wanzhou also came to Mohe City, looking for opportunities to curry favor with the new local overlord. When Ruoyu followed the stone steps to the gate tower, he saw the figure walking at the front of the procession at a glance. He was dressed in bright silver armor, his silver hair was tied up on the facade of a phoenix wing crown, and his long cloak was shaking behind his strong body because he was riding on horseback. Seemed to notice her gaze, the man full of cold breath suddenly looked up slightly, saw her standing on the tower, memory has always been some unsmiling cold face, unexpectedly like a thawing glacier cracked the gap, the handsome face was full of smiles.. Li Ruoyu stepped back slightly, deliberately avoiding his gaze on the tower. At this time, a large number of troops, the tide has generally poured into the city,jujube seed powder, to accept the people lined the streets to welcome. Li Ruoyu got off the gate tower, got into the carriage, and then walked along the back street path to return to the mansion. prius-biotech.com 

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