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Although the small fat magic weapon is strong, the God thunder is sharp, but under the premise of not using the nine beautiful pictures and the big bronze bell, he is obviously no match for more than ten evil practitioners? After struggling for more than two hours, Xiaopang finally ran out of ammunition and food. Not only did all the thunder accumulated over the years run out, but even the Five Elements Sword Array was destroyed, and the Five Elements Soul Sword was injured, so that Xiaopang had to take it back into his life space. At this time, the sky has been bright, the rising sun hanging in the sky. Xiao Pang, who was wounded all over, was still like a mountain, standing firmly on the battlefield. By this time, his Taoist robe had been completely destroyed, his naked upper body was covered with dozens of wounds, big and small, and even his face was cut twice by the sword gas of the flying sword, making his original simple and honest face become extremely ferocious? Fortunately, Xiao Pang has a strong constitution, so these injuries seem scary, but in fact they are not serious. If a man was beaten like this by Xiao Pang, he would have died a hundred times. However, because of the number of wounds,pump tube, a lot of bleeding, and many of the wounds are poisonous, Xiao Pang is numb, itchy and painful, which really makes him very uncomfortable. But even in such a mess, Xiao Pang is still full of fighting spirit, just like an unyielding army. Peak, firmly in front of the ice. The ice behind Xiaopang was a miracle at this time. There was no dirt all over her body,plastic laminted tube, let alone trauma. Apart from her pale face, she had no discomfort at all. It seemed that she had never stayed in such a tragic battlefield at all. It showed how thoughtful Xiaopang was to protect her. Even when he was at the end of his tether, Xiao Pang's left hand still firmly held the jade hand of Han Bing'er. This time it's not that Xiaopang wants to take advantage of it, but to stop her from forcing her blood to die with these guys. In fact, had it not been for Xiao Pang's repeated obstruction, the resolute ice would have sent out the desperate blow. After a night of hard work and consuming most of the Reiki, more than a dozen evil practitioners around them finally won a decisive victory, and they were naturally very excited. After surrounding Xiaopang and Hanbing, one of the guys said triumphantly, "Fatty, how can you be crazy now?" "I'll take his skin off and avenge my precious beast!" The beast Xiu's face was full of cruel experience. Hey hey, that dead fat man can be disposed of by you, I actually just care about that little beauty! I must be the first to taste it! Next to one. The guy said. Fuck off? I want the first one! The other man immediately said angrily! "Fart, I'll go first!" "Me first!" The other evil practitioners immediately began to quarrel. Han Bing'er had never been so insulted. She was so angry that she trembled all over. Liu Mei stood on end. She broke away from Xiao Pang's hand and said, "Elder Martial Brother, let go. Let me kill them!" Xiao Pang held her tightly and said with a smile, empty cosmetic tubes ,plastic packing tube, "Don't worry, don't worry. They won't live long anyway. Why are you angry with a group of dead people?" As soon as Xiao Pang said this, Han Binger was stunned. The other evil practitioners immediately stopped quarreling and looked doubtfully at Xiao Pang. Fatty, do you dare to speak wildly when you are dying? A guy sneered. When, it must be you who are dying! I can bet my head on it! Xiao Pang sneers and quietly prepares nine beautiful pictures. At this time, he still has 20% of Reiki, and it is enough to launch Jiumeitu. It's just that when this thing shows up. The matter of his indecent assault on Hanbinger was exposed, so he would not use it unless he had to. Ha ha ha "All the evil practitioners burst out laughing when they saw Xiao Pang say so." Fatty, don't you think your head already belongs to us? A guy said arrogantly. Ha ha, exactly, unexpectedly take our things to bet, you Xuantianbieyuan people can really square, shame ah! The others joined in the teasing? Just as they laughed loudly, Xiao Pang suddenly felt something in his heart, and his eyes lit up and his face showed a look of surprise. He couldn't help laughing and said, "Ha ha, believe it or not, I can finish you all with one word!" "Ha ha!" After hearing this, Yiganxiexiu burst out laughing again. But the beast Xiu, who had lost the earthy beast, went to Xiao Pang with a ferocious face and said with a sneer, "I only believe that as soon as I stretch out my hand.". I can cut off your neck! As he spoke, he walked ferociously toward Xiao Pang. Seeing this, Xiao Pang secretly prepared nine beautiful pictures and suddenly looked up to the sky and shouted, "Younger Martial Sister, come and save me!" One dry evil practice heard this, immediately startled, hurriedly alert up, but looked around, but did not find anything. They immediately realized that Xiao Pang was lying to them. The beast who had been fooled was so angry that he roared and took out a long knife to cut Xiao Pang's neck. Xiaopang also thought that he felt wrong, the heart of this depressed ah, can not mention. Helplessly, he had no choice but to sink his mind into the space of his own life, and was about to launch the escort of nine beautiful pictures. However, at this critical moment, far away in the sky, there was a sudden loud and clear sound! The next moment, a flash of golden light, the beast Xiu's broadsword had just been raised, but his head was the first to roll down inexplicably, and none of the people present saw what was going on! Verse 154 Thunderbolt Attack But soon everyone figured out what was going on. Because after the flash of golden light, a red figure suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Pang, a beautiful girl anxiously looking at Xiao Pang, it is the daughter of Xuantianbieyuan College Hongying. Also only her psychic treasure Feng Ming Dao, can achieve just that kind of terror effect, the person is still very far away, but with the sound of Feng Ming, the other side will fall to the ground with the head. It really deserves to be Lingbao who is good at speed! When Hong Ying came to Xiao Pang's body, she just glanced at Xiao Pang's full wound and immediately flew into a rage. Then she said angrily, "Brother Pang, these bastards dare to bully you like this. I must stamp them all!" With these words,custom cosmetic packing, she pointed with her jade hand and released the Fengming Dao. A group of evil practitioners on the opposite side were so frightened that they called out the magic weapon defense one after another, but they had just seen the terrible speed of Feng Ming Dao with their own eyes, and no one wanted to be finished for no reason. emptycosmetictubes.com 

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