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Purple electricity and blue frost

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Although Ge Longxiang felt that the punishment of the two evils of Tongziyu and Yingxianghong was half unexpected, it was not that Bai Qingqing and his own skill had reached such a state! Since he wanted to deal with the double evils of Kuang's family in Panzhong, naturally he was still under the leadership of Longmen Medical Hermit and Tiantai Drunkard, and he planned to plan it, which was more stable. But Bai Qingqing first took the words to trap himself, and the reason was very big. The last sentence, but also aroused their lofty sentiments! With a tight hand, he leaned close to Bai Qingqing's ear and said, "Why did Qingmei use the same method of provocation to me?"? I remember that when I first went down to Mount Heng, I was ordered to go to Mount Hua with Elder Martial Sister Xue Qi, a disciple of my aunt Lengyun Fairy, to help Master Wuyuan. She used Xuan Ji's two swords to cut off a piece of the sleeve of Kuang Huafeng, a strange old man in Tsing Yi. At that time, Elder Martial Sister Xue Qi regretted that what I used in my hand was an ordinary sword. If it was an ancient magic weapon like Qingshuang Sword, no matter how skillful he was, he would not be able to escape the thirty strokes of Xuanji's two swords! Now I have the purple electricity and the green frost in my hand. Although Younger Martial Sister Gu's skill is a little inferior to Elder Martial Sister Xue's, with the help of Younger Martial Sister Qing, as long as I can distract the strange old man in Tsing Yi and leave the cinnabar palm alone, revenge may not be hopeless. Just before the old man and Martial Uncle Yu, always. At the corner of the rock, Tsing Yi flashed. Bai Qingqing flushed with shame. She broke away from Ge Longxiang's arms and sat up. "Don't go, Sister Yun, I have something to say!" She shouted. Jing Yun turned out from behind the stone,7g Ozone Generator, and wanted to smile and be shy of Bai Qingqing, so she had to stretch out reluctantly, and that look was simply embarrassing! Bai Qingqing and Ge Longxiang were so close to each other that it had become an open secret. She simply became generous and said with a smile, "Why did Yun Mei make such a strange appearance?"? I have one thing to ask you. He told her about the discussion with Ge Longxiang just now, and Ge Longxiang wrote in a note that he was going to the tomb to avenge Gu Feiying. Give Jing Yun, tell her to wait for three people to go, deliberately delay a day, and then pretend to find out from under the bed, and cypress,cordierite c520, Yu Erlao. In this way, it will not only prevent the two elders from responding too early, but also prevent the old people from being too anxious because they do not know the details! Jing Yun naturally did as she said, and Longmen Yiyin and Tiantai Drunkard were really kept in the dark. When he woke up the next morning, Ge Longxiang, Bai Qingqing, and Gu Feiying disappeared together. Asked about Jing Yun, he said that he had seen them go to the back hill to have a look. But wait until the night does not return, Longmen Yi Yin anxious, a check clothes, only to know that three people deliberately travel, bags have been taken away. It was not until the next morning that Jing Yun dared not hide it any more. She presented the note left by Ge Longxiang to Longmen Yiyin, saying that she had just found it unintentionally under the bed. Longmen Yiyin had read the note and knew that her youngest daughter was playing tricks on her, so she only glanced at Jing Yun. Jing Yun had evil intentions and lowered her head. Longmen Yiyin didn't say anything about it either, but he opened his eyebrows slightly and said to Tiantai Drunkard and Wei Tianqu with a smile, "There's nothing wrong with Gu Xian's niece being so devoted to her relatives and enemies."! Ge Longxiang has always been calm, ceramic bobbin element ,Ceramic Band Heater, I'm afraid it's also caused by the naughty girl's instigation. Probably since they devilishly beheaded the two evils of Laoshan, they don't know how big the highland is! Purple and green wall, plus Xuan Ji double sword, although the power is peerless, but the Kuang brothers are not the same as the vulgar? Things are always too dangerous! Brother Wei and Yun'er still cast their swords here according to the original plan. Brother Yu and I have to go to Shaanxi again to meet them. But never show up until it's extremely critical. On the one hand, let them experience by themselves, and on the other hand, it's better to let my spoiled girl suffer a little, so as to kill her wild spirit a little. Tiantai drunkard nodded with a smile and said goodbye to Wei Tianqu with Longmen Yiyin and rushed to Panzhong in Shaanxi. Ge Longxiang, Bai Qingqing and Gu Feiying, after secretly leaving Jiuhua Mountain, were afraid to be caught up by Longmen Medical Hermit and others, and tried their best to catch up with them! These three people are first-class flying skills, but also pick the mountains, avoid the laity, perform the art of land flying, naturally faster. By dusk, it had already left the territory of Anhui and entered the boundary of Henan Province. It is not far from Shangqiu. The place name is Lemaji. There are not many people here. It is very desolate. The three of them did not want to lodge at all because they were in a hurry. Who would have thought that after this reining in the horse, there would be a sudden gale and torrential rain. The four fields are boundless, and I can't find a family to shelter from the wind and rain. "Qingmei," said Ge Longxiang with a smile! We were badly taken in by the rush. Could it be that in the midst of the wind and rain, it is impossible to stand all night? Bai Qingqing and Gu Feiying's clothes and shoes were completely wet by the rain. They were very sad. When Ge Longxiang asked, he said with a wry smile, "It's not a coincidence. Who can blame?"? Of course we can't stand here and get wet. Anyway, our clothes and shoes are already wet. We might as well look ahead and maybe we can find a family to take shelter from the wind and rain. She always says to do, fragrant shoulder a bend, willow waist a twist, the foot benefit from the strength. Like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water, the dragonfly went up a small hillside ten feet away. Suddenly he turned around and shouted happily, "Brother Long and Sister Ying, come quickly. There is a corner of a red wall over there. It looks like a temple." Ge Long Gu Feiying followed him, and the three of them rushed to a corner of the red wall between the trees in the distance. When they got close, it was indeed a dilapidated ancient temple. The ancient temple seemed to have been deserted for a long time. The mountain gate collapsed and the cobwebs were dust-laden. As soon as he entered the main hall, Ge Longxiang frowned and saw a coffin faintly placed on two benches under the east corner. The wind and rain are fierce, the dark clouds are dense, and the natural stars and moon have no light. Fortunately, Ge Longxiang's arms were covered with fire and other objects, which had not yet been wet. He took them out and shook them to see that the coffin was made of black new material, and the lid of the coffin was leaning against one side, but it was not covered. Bai Qingqing thought that it was the longevity material that the rich family nearby had bought for the old man in advance and deposited it in the temple. A closer look, not by a cry of surprise, pale! Ge Longxiang hurried past, and it turned out that in the coffin, there was a man dressed in a long gown and Mandarin jacket, with a face as white as wax and as skinny as a firewood. Eyes hidden in the eyes of the fresh body, the appearance of the end of the terror has been extremely! Ge Longxiang could not help sighing that the family of the corpse was really absurd. When a person dies, not only is he not buried, but even the lid of the coffin is not covered. Then he lifted up the lid of the coffin and closed it. He said to Bai Qingqing with a smile, "Qingmei, you are so heroic and courageous!"! Three feet in the palm of the green front, hoe evil, get the name Xuanyi Dragon Lady. How can I be so afraid to see an ordinary corpse today? You and Younger Martial Sister Gu go to the West Side Hall to change your wet clothes. I'll find some dry wood here so that you can make a fire to keep warm and dry your clothes. When Bai Qingqingtuan first suspected that he was an empty material,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, he suddenly saw a dead body, and his heart was still beating wildly. When he heard Ge Longxiang teasing himself, he gave him a white look and pulled Gu Feiying into the West Side Hall. global-ceramics.com 

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