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There are always authors who commit crimes against the wind.

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Coming, coming, the incredible and great contrast when others are told the truth! At this time, Fang Jiazhu must have scolded Fang Yisheng miserably in his heart, and the side description can better set off the superb and natural and unrestrained personality of the person who plays the role of a pig and eats a tiger. Lu Cangyan suddenly raised a sense of pleasure of success. Sure enough, someone needs to burn a fire to push the story to its peak! He could not help but look at the arsonist Fang Jibai. Fang Jibai was stunned, but he was inexplicably amused. However, why not make the Fang family look ugly? With a smile in his eyes, he stepped forward, but he made a full salute to the landing of Cang Yan: "Master." The author has something to say: Yin Tiange: Elder Martial Brother! Can you lend me your school calendar? ? I want to apply for your school next year! Let's get to know the semester first. ! (Fang Jibai passes) Yin Tiange:.. wow! Sure enough, the course is tight. …… Hey, but also a lot of rest! Senior fellow apprentice What do you mean by the names you write under these holidays? Fang Jibai: Who did you spend the holiday with that day. Yin Tiange:.. Oh, hehe, yeah? (Whispering) Women's Day without kites, Tomb Sweeping Festival Chu Yanqing, Youth Day Lin Qingfu, Children's Day Bamboo Two Branches,ceramic bobbin heater, Dragon Boat Festival Beigong Ning.. Oh, Elder Martial Brother, your extracurricular activities are so rich, and you really work hard on Labor Day! Fang Jibai:.. What? Yin Tiange: Aren't you doing activities with Lu Zunzuo? Academic, right? Where is the activity? Fang Jibai: (with complicated eyes) … … Jianguo Hotel. Yin Tiange: Personnel Research? Fang Jibai.. Room 902. Yin Tiange:.. Do an interview? Fang Jibai:.. On the bed. Yin Tiange:.. Check the hygiene quality of the hotel? Fang Jibai: (Inhale deeply) Check your body … … Yin Tiange: Enough, enough, enough. I'm only a teenager. Do you have the nerve to go on? Feed dog food at the beginning of school! What about dog rights? !!?? What about dog rights!!? Thanks to Comrade Xiao Yin for coming to the small theater despite his busy schedule! It's still the beginning of school,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and I can play it for a year! Gan Tang 1 Yin Tiange was silent for three seconds: "Elder Martial Brother Fang's master is.." Yin Changge held up her press release. The two girls looked at each other in silence. Zhou Lv was the first one who couldn't hold back: "Lu.." Lu. Lu Zunzuo?? Daoyou, you're not. Fang Bai glanced at him with calm eyes. Zhou Lv immediately shut up and knelt directly on the ground with a splash: "Disciple is guilty!"! I didn't know it was your honor. Disciple Disciple -Young life. Seeing that the scene was chaotic because Lu Cangyan had lost his horse, Fang Ruhai, the head of the Fang family, said in a deep voice, "Your honor, I took care of my family before.." Lu Cangyan frowned. "What's the matter with the family? Do you also think we are wrong?" Fang Ruhai choked: "I dare not." Fang Jibai listened to what he said and dared not, and his eyebrows were slightly raised. The author himself is open-minded about this. He waved the silt gathered outside the cover of spiritual power, and hung up a sword to freeze a hundred meters, blocking the water line with the cold mountain of the Jade City. If Master Fang has nothing to do, he can withdraw from the incarnation. I won't ask your son to feed Warcraft, will I? Fang Ruhai is now only the cultivation of the golden elixir Dzogchen. The reason why he can incarnate himself to guard the younger generation is that he borrows foreign objects, ceramic welding tape ,Ceramic Bobbin, which consumes the soul very badly. Hearing this, he naturally wouldn't stick to it. With a few hearty laughs, Fang Ruhai threw away his sleeves and said, "That's troublesome." Lu Cangyan was too lazy to force the boy of the Fang family, and when Fang Ruhai's protection was scattered, he raised his hand and pulled the man over at random, breaking the head of the golden elixir giant Jiao directly with a sword. Seeing this, Fang Yisheng could not help humming, "Since you are here, why didn't you save my Xuanshang disciple just now?" Lu Cangyan took one look at him, consciously and silently took back the debuff double inhibitor that had just been exchanged from the mall, and immediately a mouthful of blood was hanging on his lips. Fang Yijue pinched Fang Yisheng with a black face, and the guy was finally honest. Lu Cangyan could not help laughing, while vomiting blood while not forgetting to sell miserably: "Before the injury is a little serious, it is really my ability..." As early as when his two good Elder Martial Brotherthers left the others to go first, and Lu Cangyan stood up and tried his best to turn the tide, the four sides of Xuanshang Disciples brushed their good feelings to the peak. When they heard this, they could not help beating their chests and clapping their hands: "Your honor is serious!!!"! How can we ask for more when we are seriously injured and do not forget to save our ordinary disciples? "-Ding Dong," For the image of life and death, for the reputation to turn the tide. Congratulations to the host for achieving the achievement of misleading children. Comfort + 1. Lu Cangyan:.. With an expressionless face, he stopped hemoptysis. He raised his hand and waved Fang Jibai, who was hanging behind him at an unknown time. He said cautiously, "The reality of Warcraft is a strange omen. Hurry back to the hall to report. Don't delay." Fang Jibai stood still and said, "My disciple has been listening to the teacher's instructions for more than two years. The Master is here. There is no reason for a disciple to go back alone." Lu Cangyan has a big head. The first purpose of this world is to serve the man. Since the other side stays here in vain, this muddy water is absolutely going to get more and more muddy. Without waiting for him to continue his inculcation, Fang Bai opened his mouth again and said, "Besides, several uncles and uncles all have prejudices against me.." Even if the Master himself told me to go back, they would. Lu Cangyan thought so, and his head hurt even more. He put down his hand and said, "Then stay here, you two of the Fang family. Please go." Fang Yisheng's eyes were round, and Fang Yijue was afraid that his words would not be shocking, so he quickly pinched the sword and ran away with him. As a result, there were only a bunch of stars, a man and a cannon fodder woman left on the field in an instant. Yin Tiange looked admiring: "Your honor, what are we doing now? Do we grab the headlines?" Lu Cangyan smiled and said, "This black Jiao looks like it is used to confuse the public. Except that I and the Lord of Wanzhong Mountain accidentally came here, now Qi Guanghai's average combat power is around the golden elixir,Alumina Ceramic C795, which is enough for it to stumble." Yin Changge said, "So your honor is saying that there are really demons and dregs coming here to do evil?" Lu Cangyan nodded. Ask him why he knows someone is coming. From the mark on the forehead of the black Jiao, he could even say who was coming! He could not help but look at Fang Jibai with envy and jealousy. global-ceramics.com 

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