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Like fate, when Qi Xiaofei asked for the third time, he finally heard the crying and groaning inside. Low as a kitten's meow. Qi Xiaofei, no longer afraid, rushed in with a lantern and found the seven princes who had rolled down from the bed. He probably wanted to ask for help, but he was exhausted and had to fall here. Qi Xiaofei hurried forward, threw the lamp aside, and hugged Wen Sin. Wen's forehead has been boiling hot to the extreme. Qi Xiaofei was very frightened. He had no modern memory at that time. He was just a slightly precocious child. Will also be at a loss, will only shout the name of Wen sin: "You wake up ah." In that darkness, only Qi Xiaofei's soft embrace and the corner illuminated by the rabbit lamp. I don't know what happened next. He only knows that he had a beautiful dream. In his dream, his world was full of light and warmth. Qi Yifei said to him with a smile that he would never leave him, because they were destined to belong to each other. He made him whole.. When Qi Yifei woke up the next day, he looked vaguely at the countdown in the book of life and death. Thirty years! In ancient times, when the average life span was less than 40 years, Qi Yifei was already able to live above the average, or a few more years. Qi Yifei stared at the book of life and death, not knowing what to say. Just change your name to teach the book of marriage! Really, where is the profit of this kind of thing that grows because others are together?! Well, since last night, Qi Yifei, who has a boyfriend, got up in the morning and the first thing she thought about was the rationality of the book of life and death. His profession is the emperor's boyfriend, has been sitting on the edge of the bed,alumina c799, gently watching him for a long time. It's not enough to look at. Didn't you go to the morning court? Qi Yifei was stunned. There is no morning today. Wen sin opened his eyes and told lies. In fact, he had already got up early and summoned the cabinet alone, such as Qi Laozi and Fu Li. They were already busy enough. They got another news that they didn't know whether it was a surprise or a shock. Wen sin decided to formally restore the role of the cabinet. That is to say, he will not be as hands-on as he used to be. Before hearing the crime, he had already made some progress, and everyone felt that it was not easy for him to do this with the experience of his majesty when he was young. No one will think of being able to go back to the past, but in one night, suddenly heard the good news. Daqi's cabinet system is actually very sound,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, not completely overhead the emperor, nor will it allow the ministers to dominate, but checks and balances each other. When the emperor made great efforts to make the country prosperous and devoted himself to the country, the benefits of such cooperation would be brought into full play, which was a good phenomenon for the benefit of the country and the people. No one dared to think that there would be a recurrence of this day, but it suddenly came. We do not know why your majesty will suddenly come to his senses, only know that muddleheaded kneel down to receive the decree, slowly looking forward to the future. Only Fu Li thoughtfully, thought he understood the reaction to come over, he probably misunderstood Qi Yifei and His Majesty before, they should only be talking about a particularly pure love, after yesterday night, only. Well, that must be it! No wonder his previous advice made His Majesty so angry. At that time, your majesty was asking but could not get it, and he was still actively urging, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, but he had to wear small shoes. Alas, I am still too young and inexperienced. I will pay attention to it in the future. Now Your Majesty finally got what he wanted, and his mood was good enough to overcome the shadow of suspicion. The power of emotion is really terrible. This once again strengthened the old driver Fu Li's heart, only the kidney, not the heart! Cough. Wen sin looked at Qi Yifei affectionately at the bedside and felt that he was the most beautiful person in the world. Qi Yifei just wanted to get up quickly and let him go to wash and dress. I like everything about you. "Close your head!" Qi Yifei has just stepped into the unknown, but also a little unable to let go of hands and feet, can only be ferocious, pretending to be fearless. Qi Yifei has a smooth and round little face, pink and tender, red, feeling that he is very fierce, but actually a pair of round eyes, has already betrayed himself. OK Wen sin smiled and agreed, now the situation, Qi Yifei said what, he will probably agree. The elder sister of the Qi family was resting at home today, so she did not send Ning Ning to the palace. Qi Yifei and Wen Sin were able to sit around and eat the morning meal against the rising sun. Smell sin this just remembers to ask: "Do you have a word?" Well, last night, I didn't hold on to it for a while, and I forgot the most important thing. Not yet. Little Prince Qi shook his head, not to mention how proud he was. "But I know my grandfather's habits.". "If he gives it to my sister, he's sure to have me, too." Qi Yifei and Qi Yiyi are twins, Qi old man do not know where, heard a strange saying, feel that twins are either good like a person, or will hate to kill one, only their own. Afraid of the tragedy, Qi tried his best to do everything in the upbringing of Qi's brothers and sisters, "You have a share, he must have a share", and avoided any possible situation of not worrying about scarcity but inequality. If there is really no way, just like in the two people "Sun Young Master", "Your Highness" such a title, Qi old man will certainly break apart, crumbled to the dragon and phoenix fetus to explain why he would treat so differently. Do not let Qi Yifei misunderstand that he is not as noble as his sister, nor will he let Qi Yiyi think that this is not the alienation of her as a family. If two children like different things, they will be measured by equivalence. For example, Qi Yiyi asked for a hairpin, fifteen taels, but Qi Yifei only asked for a package of snacks, one tael. Then, Qi old man must say clearly, and then give Qi Yifei to find out fourteen two. Also do not know is Qi's education, really achieved success, or Qi Yifei and Qi Yiyi is born with a good relationship, although there is noise when young, but will not hurt the root. To this day, they have always been the closest people to each other. They are both family and friends, and they support each other's every decision. Let Qi old man feel gratified. Two years ago, Qi's father gave Qi Yiyi an early word,ceramic bobbin heater core, according to custom, Qi Yifei's word must have been settled. Just never said, to wait for Qi Yifei weak crown will be announced. global-ceramics.com 

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